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Midland Park

Agenda for Tonigh'ts Board of Education Meeting

03/19/2013 12:21PM ● By Anonymous

The Midland Park Board of Education meets tonight, March 19 at 8pm in the August C. DePrekker Media Center at Highland School. The Midland Park Press will once again attempt to Livestream the meeting, but thus far we haven't had much luck. If you want to know what is going on first hand, attend the meeting.

Tonight's agenda (available here) includes the second reading of the proposed tentative 2013-14 budget, the proposed 2013-14 school calendar, the district technology plan from 2013 to 2016 and a trip presentation from Mr. Ersalesi and the Broadcasting students.

Public participation and input is encouraged at all open meetings. Each meeting includes two public portions where Midland Park residents are invited to comment. In the first section, which occurs just after the Superintendent's report in the early part of the meeting, is limited to questions and comments regarding items that are on the agenda. The public is given a second opportunity to speak at the end of the meeting, at which time the Board takes questions and comments regarding anything related to the district schools.

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