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Midland Park

Budget Hearings Held Tuesday & Thursday

03/24/2013 11:14PM ● By Anonymous

Public hearings for the school and municipal budgets will be held this week. Residents are invited to attend and ask questions about the budgets. Following the hearings and approval of the budgets, the figures should be made available on their respective websites.

On Tuesday, March 26, the Midland Park Board of Education will hold a formal hearing of the proposed 2013-14 budget, which will go before the voters on the April 16. The $20 million budget reflects a 1.95 percent increase to the tax levy or approximately $350,000. If approved a home assessed at $300,000 will pay an additional $8.24 a month or $98.88 a year and a home assessed at $400,000 will will pay $10.99 more a month or $131.88 more a year for the school's portion of the tax bill.

The district is also putting forth a second question, asking for a one-time additional funding of $955,075 to be used exclusively for partial roof replacements at Godwin, Highland and Midland Park Junior-Senior High schools. If approved, the average home assessed at $300,000 will see an increase of $22.46 a month or $269.52 for the year, and a home assessed at $400,000 will see an increase of $29.99 a month or $359.88 for the year for the second question alone. If passed by the voters, the increase would be for one year only.

The district's public hearing will be held in a special meeting at 8pm in the Highland School Media Center.

On Thursday, March 28 at 8pm, the Midland Park Borough Council will present its budget to the voters in the council chambers on the top floor of Borough Hall. The $10,014,205 budget reflects a decrease of $31,101, however the amount to be raised by taxation increased by $191,027. The municipal portion of tax bill for the average home assessed at $392,000 will increase by $78 to $2,395.

The public is invited to ask questions and comment on the municipal budget, but residents are only given the opportunity to vote on the school budget. If the school budget is not passed in the April 16 election, it will be sent to the borough council to make cuts.

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