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Midland Park

Do You Care About Midland Park's Future?

04/01/2013 11:47AM ● By Anonymous

I think everyone in Midland Park needs to ask themselves, do you love this town? Do you care about Midland Park’s future? Do you want to continue to take pride in being a Midland Park Resident? Fellow residents, it is raining in our schools... literally raining… because the school roofs need to be replaced. They are are beyond "patching up". Would it be acceptable to you if it were raining in your home or place of business during storms?

If you truly love Midland Park, show it by investing in our town’s future. Don't be complacent or bullied by people or groups that spread misinformation, fear and rumors for their own personal gains. We are better than that. We are smarter than that.

Who, in any surrounding town, can say they know their neighbors for blocks upon blocks? The love, support and trust of neighbors is woven into the fabric of Midland Park. Our children need this support now. Our property values need this investment now. Our community needs this pride now.

Midland Park is a rare gem of a town and like anything so precious, it needs to be invested in, cared for and nurtured in order to survive and thrive. Every vote “Yes” for the school budget and the roof proposal on April 16th is a vote “Yes” for our children, our property values and our community pride.

In a community as small as ours, every single vote counts. Please get everyone that is registered to vote in your household, out to vote "Yes" on April 16th. Your fellow residents are counting on you to pass the school budget and roof proposal.

Thank you,

Joan and George Doumas

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