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Council To Vote on Salaries & Fees Tonight

04/25/2013 11:56AM ● By Anonymous

The agenda for tonight's meeting of the Mayor and Council includes three new ordinances and eight resolutions. The ordinances were passed on first reading at the March 28 meeting and, if approved tonight on final reading, will go into effect following publication in the Record and Ridgewood News.

Ordinance 04-13 establishes the salary and wages range for borough officers and employees. The revised guide includes upper level salary increases for 10 position, six of which are increases of $1,000 or less. The remaining increases for positions are as follows:

  • Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer from $45,000 to $52,000
  • Tax Collector from $30,000 to $56,000
  • DPW Working Foreman/Mechanic/Superintendent from $91,920 to $95,000
  • Custodian/Building Maintenance Working from $43,000 to $46,500

In conjunction with Ordinance 04-13, the meeting agenda includes a resolution (093-13) to set individual salaries for borough employees. The five highest paid employees include:

  • Police Chief at $139,739.92
  • DPW Superintendent at $93,599.52
  • Construction Code Enforcement at $71,400
  • Municipal Court Administrator at $62,512.95
  • Borough Clerk at $61,820.08

Elected officials earn annual salaries of $3,937.08 for Mayor and $2,877.05 for council members, plus health benefits.

Fees & Charges

Also on the agenda is an ordinance to amend the borough code regarding fees and charges. Ordinance 06-13 increases fees for fence permits from $25 to $30 and also adds construction permit fees for miscellaneous structures, including $40 for sheds and driveways, and $25 for temporary signs. In addition the borough is adding fees for PODS (Portable On Demand Storage Units) with an initial fee of $40 and an additional fee of $25 for the first 15 day renewal and $25 for the second 15 day renewal.

The borough code for Fees & Charges is in Chapter XC. The ordinance as written impacts section 90-10, Subsection 10-1.3, paragraph a, in subparagraphs 4 (fences) and 10 (misc. structures), but the borough's online eCode site shows subparagraph 10 pertains to elevators. The ordinance does not specify any changes to elevator codes, however, the eCode, which is powered by Clerk Base, may be outdated.

Employee Indemnification

Also on the agenda for final read is an ordinance to provide for he defense and indemnification of borough employees.  Ordinance number 05-13 authorizes indemnification and defense of current and former borough employees and offices under the authority granted by the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, NJSA 59:10-4.

The meeting will be held tonight at 8pm at Borough Hall and (technology willing) will be broadcast live on the Midland Park Press Livestream Channel.

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