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How To Use Midland Park Press

04/30/2013 11:20AM ● By Anonymous

Welcome to Midland Park Press, the only online news site devoted solely to Midland Park, NJ. We launched the Press in December of 2012 to provide an online news and communications platform for the residents and businesses in Midland Park. Here are ways to use Midland Park Press:

1. Keep Up With Local News. Midland Park Press aims to be your source for all things 07432 and we do our best to try to keep you informed about the important issues in our community and to organize that information in a way that is easy for you to find it. Here are quick links to some key sections: Borough Hall, Board of Education, Public Notices, Elementary Schools, High School, Police & Fire, and Community. You can also sign up for RSS feeds for different sections of the Press, which will automatically go to your RSS Feed Reader.

2. Check the Events Calendar. Not sure if it's cardboard or commingled recycling this week? Want to know if the Planning Board is meeting this week? Confused about Spring Break dates? We have all that and so much more on our event calendar. The daily calendar is posted on our homepage or you can click on the events tab for upcoming dates. You can also download events from our calendar to your personal calendar in a variety of different calendar formats including Google, Windows, iCalendar and Yahoo.

3. Watch Public Meetings. As part of our goal to improve communication in the borough of Midland Park, we stream video of council and board meetings to our Livestream channel. You can watch the feed live or at a later time.

4. Submit Your Event. Having a garage sale? Is your club or organization holding a meeting or fundraiser? Add it to our calendar. It's easy to do. The link to submit your event can be found on the home page, in the band beneath the calendar listings. Just click on "Add Yours" and it will take you to a form page to fill out. After clicking "Submit Event" send an note to Community Calendar Editor Jennifer Triolo at to ensure speedy approval. Most event postings are free, however for-profit business event postings may be subject to a fee.

5. Share an Announcement or Article. If you have news or information to share with the community, the Midland Park Press is the place to do it. Are you collecting items for charity or a silent auction? Selling tickets for an event? Holding a fundraiser for charity? Just have a baby or get married? Whatever your news, we'd be happy to publish it. Just email Don't forget to include a phone number if we have any questions.

6. Share Your Photos. Have a photo from a recent or past event? Historic images from town? We would love to share them with the community. Email to and be sure to include caption information. Since we are online only, we do not need Hi-Res images and medium file sizes are preferred. If you have a series of images from an event, you can send us a zip file of all the photos to be posted as a slide show.

7. Send a News Tip. Know about something going on in town? Whether it's happy news, such as a local sports team winning a big game, or sad news, like a longstanding community member has passed away, or even shady news, like you suspect or heard a rumor about corruption, we'd like to know about it and investigate. Send a news tip to or call 201-615-0154 and leave a message. We promise to keep your information confidential.

8. Ask a Question. Have a question about an article you just read or something you have heard around town? Ask us and if we don't know, we will try to find out for you. Leave your question in the comments section at the end of an article, post it to our Facebook page, email to, or chat us up before or after a public meeting or at Godwin School pick up.

9. Voice Your Opinion. Midland Park Press wants to be a platform for the people in our hometown. You can share your opinion in a few different ways. First, at the end of every article we offer the opportunity to leave a comment. Have a question or opinion about something you just read about the school board or town council? Leave it in the comments. Comments are limited to 3,000 characters. For lengthier opinions, you can send us a letter to the editor or editorial. Have strong opinions about an issue in town? Want to publicly thank or congratulate an organization or person? To submit a letter, email Be sure to include your phone number or contact information in case we have questions. We reserve the write to edit all letters.

10. Follow Us On Social Media. Visit the Midland Park Press page on Facebook at and click "Like" to keep updated on news and events in Midland Park. If Twitter is more your style, follow us @MPKPress. (Posts to both Facebook & Twitter sites are synced).

11. Sign Up For eNewletters. Get the Midland Park Press delivered to your mailbox, with our weekly digest eNewsletter. To keep up on the latest news and upcoming events, sign up for our emailing list.

12. Advertise Your Business.  Advertising in the Midland Park Press puts your business or organization's message before a targeted local audience. Our rapidly growing readership and fan base comprises all age demographics in the Midland Park community. Our social media presence is expanding daily. In addition to advertising packages, the Midland Park Press also offers valuable social media tools and training for local businesses. For more information, visit the Advertise tab on the homepage or email Sales Managers Anne Marie Campbell at and Wendy McGuigan at

Thanks for reading the Midland Park Press. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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