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Midland Park

April's Top Stories: Baseball, Budgets, Crestwood Lake & More

05/02/2013 12:53AM ● By Anonymous

April was a busy month in Midland Park, between the baseball parade, the school budget election, state school reports and more. Here's a look at the most popular stories of the month:

1. The Impact of Education on Home Values. Midland Park Press looked into four factors that contribute to home prices — crime rates, school rating, education levels of residents and average household incomes — and compared Midland Park to more than a dozen communities in our area.

2. Crestwood Lake Casts of Midland Park Residents. For reasons as yet unclear, Allendale has changed a multi-years-long policy to offer Crestwood Lake membership Midland Park residents. As of the 2013 season, Midland Park residents wishing to join Crestwood Lake for the summer need to have a sponsor. Here are some alternate swimming suggestions.

3. Roof Repairs, School Budget Pass. Midland Park voters approved both the school budget and the second question to fund roof replacements in today's election. The $20 million budget passed 975-to-637,  a 60% majority. The $955,075 second question passed 1009-to-570, clearing the "super majority" needed by more than 60 votes.

4. CAMP Aims To Pass The Budget & Stop The Rain In Midland Park Schools. The Community Alliance of Midland Park (CAMP), a new nonprofit organization of residents who value town pride, strong public education and community cohesiveness, launched a "Stop The Rain" campaign to encourage residents to vote for the school budget and second question. CAMP believes community pride begins in the schools, but that's not where it ends.

5. Pregnant Woman, Two Children Struck In Cross Walk. A Midland Park driver struck a pregnant woman and her two young children in a crosswalk on Godwin Avenue in Ridgewood.

6.  Remembering Johnny Vander Meer: A Sister's Story. On the eve of 75th anniversary of Johnny Vander Meer's record setting back-to-back no hitters, Midland Park Press sat down with his sister to hear her memories of her brother, baseball and growing up in Midland Park.

7. State Releases New School Performance Reports. Midland Park Schools are performing well above state averages, according to reports released by the state Department of Education this afternoon. The new NJ School Performance Reports, which replace the School Report Cards of the past, presents brand new data on college and career readiness and provide comparison to “peer schools” in user-friendly charts.

8. Letter: Do You Care About Midland Park's Future? I think everyone in Midland Park needs to ask themselves, do you love this town? Do you care about Midland Park’s future? Do you want to continue to take pride in being a Midland Park Resident? Fellow residents, it is raining in our schools... literally raining… because the school roofs need to be replaced. They are are beyond "patching up". Would it be acceptable to you if it were raining in your home or place of business during storms?

9. Can Baseball and the Memorial Day Parade Co-exist? The debate over a proposed baseball tournament being held the same day as the Memorial Day parade brought impassioned pleas from local veterans, and suggestions for a compromise from the Baseball Association and Council at the March 28 council work session that went into overtime.

10. Photos: Opening Day 2013. Our photo gallery from the 2013 Baseball/Softball Parade honoring the 75th anniversary of Johnny Vander Meer's "unbreakable record."

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