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Midland Park

Volunteers Repair Ball Fields, Batting Cages

05/08/2013 04:14PM ● By Anonymous

Midland Park parents have stepped up to the plate to repair the school fields this spring. One group set off to improve the field conditions on Sunset Field, while another fixed up the batting cages.

"Scott Meyer had the parents help out in getting a ton of work done and Harry Parker did the batting cages for us," said Dana Weisbrot, of the Midland Park Baseball Association. "Those two guys are a huge help to the program."

Meyer, from Fairway Estates Landscapers, lead a team of volunteers to fix the farm and pee-wee fields on Sunset on a Friday night in April. Before getting started, the batters box was a "hole in the ground," Meyer explained. They brought in a special clay mix fill for around home plate to prevent it from sinking again, and spread new clay around the infield area. The team also addressed drainage issues so the clay would stay put and not be washed down the hill in a rain storm. The Board of Education then reset home plate on the Farm Field, while Meyer and his crew reset home plate on the Pee-Wee field.

In the outfields, the volunteers weeded then aerated and seeded the grass. To properly maintain the fields, an irrigation system will be installed after the season is over. The irrigation project will be a collaborative effort between the school, the DPW and the Board of Rec. It is being funded the Midland Park Baseball Association and the Midland Park Soccer Association. While the fields are school property, Rec activities make up the majority of the field's use. 

“On behalf of our student athletes," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marie Cirasella, "we would like to express our gratitude to Scott Meyers and all the volunteers who are working to help repair the Sunset Fields.”

The batting cages project, under taken on by Harry Parker, involved spreading clay and hanging nets, to provide a place for players to warm up.

The MPBA would like to thank the following volunteers for their help on these projects: David Agrati, Mike Harpster, Brian Hartman, Donald Casse, Rich Casse, Mike Folignani, Rich Messina, Scott Meyer, Mike Oates, Harry Parker and Rich Rossnagel.

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