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Midland Park

Greenhouse To Offer Hands-on Learning at MPHS

05/14/2013 04:39PM ● By Anonymous

A greenhouse is coming to Midland Park Junior-Senior High thanks to a donation from the Midland Park-Wyckoff Rotary Club. The structure will be built in the middle school court yard and be used by all grades as part of the Core Content Science Framework, which emphasizes hands-on learning. 

According to Principal Nicholas Capuano, the greenhouse system will allow teachers to introduce and demonstration the relationship of growing plants from seed; explore the significance of light, photosynthesis and respiration in the development of plants; analyze biological and environmental issues, concepts, principles and modern science practices; apply scientific discovery, knowledge and skills to produce fruits and vegetables; and practice social interactions with peers in a scientific, real-world setting.

"It's common for students to believe that soil is just dirt, and not matter that is filled with living organisms," he explained. "The greenhouse will allow students to to ovserve and be part of the cyclical processes that take place in an ecosystem."

The greenhouse will have an 8 feet, 6 inches by 16 feet footprint and stand 8-feet tall at its peak.  All panels are polycarbonate, with opaque panels on the roof and clear panels on all four sides and include three roof vents and three side louver windows.

To determine the placement of the greenhouse, Capuano commissioned a sun-study from teacher Nancy DeRitter's Community-Based Instruction Class, which determined the middle school courtyard has the best sun year round.

Greenhouse assembly is expected to be completed during the summer.

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