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Editor's Notebook: May 28 BOE Meeting

05/29/2013 05:12PM ● By Rebecca K. Abma

The Board of Education inducted new members to the Education Hall of Fame, gave an update on the send-receive fact-finding mission and  discussed the status of next year's band trips at its May 28 meeting.

The 2013 Education Hall of Fame inductees are Ms. Florence Mahon and Mr. William Brady. Ms. Mahon, who worked in the district from 1955 to 1993, was not in attendance for the ceremony She taught math, science and spelling at Highland School in 1955, moving to MPHS in 1957 when the school opened. She was one of the first female administrators in the district, serving as the head of the math and science departments in 1981. She continued to teach 12 grade calculus until her retirement in 1993. Ms. Mahon currently resides in Florida.

Mr. Brady, who served as a Speech Therapist in the district for more than 30 years until his retirement in 2005, was greeted by a crowd of former colleagues and students, who thanked him for his help over the year. (Following the meeting, MPK Press spoke at length with Mr. Brady. Look for our feature article later this week.)

In Talks With Waldwick

School Board President William Sullivan reported on the district's continued investigation into developing a send-receive relationship with another district. Representatives from Midland Park Schools recently met with Waldwick School representatives to discussed ways the districts can continue to work together.

As with other meetings the district has held, no official determination could be made without first commissioning a formal study. The meeting lead with the question: Does Waldwick have the space to accommodate Midland Park students? According to Sullivan, Waldwick alluded to having a space issue themselves, however, the representatives discussed possibilities of combining course offerings and additional combined sports programs.

Waldwick and Midland Park schools offer different study tracks for students, he noted, and sharing services could be beneficial for both communities. District officials are going to formulate ideas over the summer and meet with Waldwick again in September.

Band Trips

Band parents filled the audience to find out the status of the annual band trips to Syracuse and California. At the May 7 meeting, the district was scheduled to vote on the trips, but some board members had questions regarding the purpose and price of the two trips. Specifically, Tim Thomas questioned why students need to go all the way to California to learn, when New York City is close by. He was also concerned over the number of days students would miss school for the trips, and how much time on the trip is spent on performing and learning.

According to Curriculum Chair Board Vice President Sandra Criscenzo, once questions are raised that could not be answered to the satisfaction of the board, the issue is sent back to committee to find the answers and report back to the board. Criscenzo said that item will appear on the next meeting agenda for board approval.

The marching band began practicing for next year's season earlier this week.  Parents wanted to know why the trips had not yet been approved, noting that in years past the trips receive approval earlier in the year. The Syracuse trip is a competition and the students work hard all year preparing for the trip.

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