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Midland Park

Former Teachers Honored With Hall Of Fame Induction

06/04/2013 01:05PM ● By Anonymous

What are Midland Park students’ favorite foods? Spaghetti, hot dogs and ice cream, according to William Brady, former speech therapist in the school district who was inducted into the Midland Park Education Hall of Fame, along with Florence Mahon on Tuesday. 

Florence Mahon worked as a math and science teacher in Midland Park from 1955 to 1993.  At a time when girls had few role models in the maths and sciences, Mahon served as the head of the math and science departments. She had high expectations for her students and her fellow teachers.  After her years of contributions to the school district, Florence Mahon is now enjoying her retirement in Florida.

William Brady worked in Midland Park from 1973 to 2005.  His duties included evaluating the speech of incoming kindergarteners, working with students in a small group setting, and collaborating with students’ teachers to ensure that the school met each child’s needs.

In the classroom, Brady’s goal was to engage his students and get them talking. He got his students interested with activities like cooking which gave them a chance to practice language skills, articulation, and memory.

Other activities included talking the children on nature walks around the neighborhood, bringing the kids to McDonalds, and taking them on a yearly trip to New York City where they visited sites like the Empire State Building and Radio City Music Hall.  These activities made the lessons seem less stressful and more fun, and the students would practice their speech even more  when they returned home and told their parents all about their exciting day.

Mahon and Brady will have their portraits hung in the Midland Park High School.

Do you have any memories of Florence Mahon or William Brady?  Tell us in the comments!

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