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Editor's Notebook: June 18 Board of Education Meeting

06/19/2013 01:52AM ● By Anonymous

The Board of Education awarded contracts for roof projects, approved the purchase of new computers and security cameras, and regretfully accepted the resignation of a beloved high school teacher at its June 18 public meeting. 

MPTV teacher Brian Ersalsi attended the meeting to thank the Board of Education for their support during his time at Midland Park High School. Ersalsi has accepted a position in another district and is leaving the Midland Park at the end of the school year.

Approved Purchases

The board approved the purchase of additional Computers On Wheels (COWs) at the High School and Godwin School, which will help the district meet its mandated technology goals to implement the new computerized standardized assessments. The district also approved additional security cameras, a replacement server and a vision screening machine for Godwin School. The funds for the above items were realized from cost-savings in other areas of the budget, including administrative stipends, training, professional services and supplies. 

The board also approved purchases of two buses — a 30-passenger bus, and a 24-passenger wheel chair bus — and two John Deer tractors, one with a plow and another with a backhoe and fork lift.

Energy Savings Initiative Program

Under the financial reports, Trustee Robert Schiffer reported the district has been approved for $1.5 million in upgrades under the Energy Savings Initiative Program, with the contract awarded to Honeywell.

The program works by leveraging the money saved on energy and operating costs to pay for improvements, such as boilers, heaters and windows. Honeywell funds the project upfront and the district repays the company out of money realized through energy savings over the next 15 years. The benefits of the program is it allows the district to make much needed upgrades without having to go out for a bond. Honeywell guarantees the savings will cover the costs of the upgrades and provides insurance to cover it.

Roof Work to Begin

The board approved contracts for the partial roof replacements at Godwin School and Midland Park High School, which are slated to begin immediately. The roof replacement at Highland School needs to wait until the parapet is stabilized, however officials say the roof work will begin as soon as possible.

New Security Tool Approved

The Share With 911 program that was presented at the June 3 Board Meeting was approved for the 2013-14 school year at a cost of $6,150. Share With 911 is a web-based application that allows teachers and administrators to communicate in real time with emergency services personnel in the event of an emergency. It streamlines response and rescue efforts during a lock down, fire or other emergency.

The meeting was broadcast on the Midland Park Press Livestream Channel and is available for replay at this link.

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