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Getting Great Graduation Photos

06/19/2013 11:45AM ● By Anonymous

Hearing the word ‘graduation’ conjures up images of the many opportunities ahead for those about to walk across the stage to receive their degree. Graduation day is one of anticipation, excitement and accomplishment.

Capturing these sentiments can be a challenge, though, as graduation stages are far away and the crowds in front of you can further complicate getting great shots.

One of the most important tips for shooting graduation photos is to arrive early. Beating the crowds to scout the location and claim a prime spot will be well worth it when you see your final images. If you have a tripod, take it! Not only will it assist with creating quality images, it will also help you establish your space as the crowd continues to grow.

A good zoom lens will be important in this situation, and if you don’t have one, you might be able to rent one for the day or for the weekend. If a friend has one and he’s willing to lend it, that’s another alternative.

One more thing – some of the best graduation photos include the expressions of those loved ones celebrating the day. Capturing a father’s pride or a grandmother’s expression of joy while hugging the graduate can be the best way to convey the many emotions of this important achievement.

Author Amanda Jones is a photographer working at Wholesale Photo Cafe and Digital Imaging Center in the Midland Park Shopping Center, 85 Godwin Ave. This article originally appeared on her blog at

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