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Midland Park

Public Notice: D Variance Requested For 168 Godwin Ave.

07/04/2013 07:34PM ● By Anonymous

LEGAL NOTICE BOROUGH OF MIDLAND PARK ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT PLEASE take Notice that Midland Park Auto Body, Inc. has applied to the Zoning Board of Adjustment of the Borough of Midland Park requesting a use variance (NJSA 40:55D-70d.), site plan approval, and bulk/dimensional variances concerning lands and premises known and designated as Lot 6, in Block 17, as shown on the tax assessment map of the Borough of Midland Park and commonly known as 168 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, New Jersey. The applicant currently, and has for many years, owns and operates an auto body repair facility in Midland Park at 158 Godwin Avenue (Block 17, Lot 5). The applicant recently acquired the adjacent property, which is the subject of this application, and which was previously occupied by Stafford Glass. It is the intention and plan of the applicant to conduct motor vehicle repair tasks at 168 Godwin Avenue, and to utilize the existing building for such work with some modifications and upgrades proposed. Additionally, the applicant intends to utilize part of the building for offices to conduct administrative functions, accommodate customers, and to provide space and a working area for insurance adjusters. Since the property is located in the B-l zone, which does not provide for an auto body repair shop as a permitted use, the applicant is required and is seeking relief by way of a use ('D') variance; as well as requesting site plan approval and variances (or waivers where appropriate) for the following nonconforming conditions (most of which are existing conditions):

1) Building coverage - the existing coverage is 37.24%, where 30% is the maximum permitted, and no change is proposed;

2) Improved lot coverage - the existing coverage is 90.9%, where 75% is the maximum permitted , and no change is proposed;

3) Front yard setback - the existing setbacks as to the main/lager building is 6 feet and as to the smaller building 10.57 feet, where 25 feet is the minimum required, and no change is proposed;

4) Principal building - the existing site/property has two (2) buildings located on it, where the ordinance allows for only one principal building, a condition which applicant does not propose to change;

5) Buffer zones - where 0 feet exists, 5 feet is required, and no change is proposed;

6) """Parking - 24 spaces proposed by way of this'application, where 26 spaces are required

7) Parking (setback from side and rear yard) - 2.32 feet proposed by way of this application, where 6 from side or rear feet are required.

8) Front yard parking - 2 spaces are proposed for the front yard, where the zoning ordinance does not permit any parking in the front yard;

9) Side yard setback - the existing side yard setback for one is 2,98 feet and 7.20 feet for the sum of both, 12 feet is the minimum required, and no change is proposed;

10) Planted areas - the existing planted area is 9.1 %, where 15 % is required, and no change is proposed; and

if any other variances or waivers are deemed necessary at the time of the hearing, Applicant requests such approvals as well. PLEASE take further notice that the Zoning Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing on this application on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, to commence at 7:30 p.m. The meeting shall take place in the upstairs meeting room of Borough Hall, located at 280 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, New Jersey. All interested persons are welcome to attend, and at the public hearing any interested person or their representative will be given an opportunity to be heard as to this application. The file on this application is available for review Monday through Friday (except for holidays or when municipal offices are closed), from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, in the office of the Secretary of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, which is also located in the Midland Park Borough Hall (280 Godwin Avenue). This notice is being published on behalf of the Applicant, by order of the Midland Park Zoning Board of Adjustment, in accordance with the requirements of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law and the Open Public Meetings Act. ERIC DAVID BECKER, ESQ. Attorney for Applicant Midland Park Auto Body, Inc. 253 Madison Avenue Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481 (201)560-0822 June 29, 2013-Fee:$114.35(121) 3521137

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