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Midland Park

Editor's Notebook: July 23 Board of Education Meeting

07/24/2013 04:32PM ● By Anonymous

The Board of Education presented the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) report for the second half of the 2012-13 school year, awarded the contract for the roof replacement at Highland School and filled the vacant High School Assistant Principal position with an internal candidate.

For HIB reporting period two, the district investigated nine incidents of potential harassment, intimidation or bullying.  Upon review, two of the cases were confirm as non-HIB, three cases were confirmed as HIB and four cases were pending.  Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marie Cirasella stated that the results of the pending cases would be reported at the next meeting.

The majority of incidents occurred among seventh graders. Two incidents occurred between sixth graders, one between fifth graders and one between a fifth and fourth grader. Four of the events occurred in April and four occurred in June.

Between January and June, one fight was reported, and no threats of violence or simple assaults. There were no reported incidents of vandalism, substance abuse or weapons.

AD Appointed to AP Slot

The district appointed Peter Galasso as Assistant Senior High School Principal. Galasso, who has served as Athletic Director and Assistant Junior High School Principal for the last year, replaces June Chang, who was appointed as the District Curriculum Director. The Board said it will be posting the Athletic Director and Assistant Junior High School Principal position immediately.

Roof Repair Updates

The board awarded the contract for the partial roof replacement and parapet repairs at Highland School. At last month’s meeting, the board approved contracts for partial roof replacement at Godwin School and Midland Park Junior-Senior High School. Work is expected to begin at all three schools soon, and will hopefully be completed by the first day of school.

In April, voters approved $955,075 for partial roof replacements at all three schools. The project will complete all needed roof replacements at Highland and Godwin Schools, and about 80% of the Junior-Senior High School roof. The district transferred an additional $315,000 for the project from Capital Reserve Fund.

Foul Poles Donated

The Bergen County Girls' Softball Association donated a pair of Foul Poles and ground sleeves for the Varsity Boys Baseball Field, in the amount of $1,605.

Goal Setting Meeting Aug. 1

The school board's next public meeting will be on Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. in the August C. DePreker Media Center in Highland School. The meeting is for the district's annual goal setting. A sunshine notice has been published in the paper to announce the special meeting

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