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Midland Park

Variance Application for 1 Godwin Ave.

10/13/2013 10:54AM ● By Rebecca K. Abma
LEGAL NOTICE BOROUGH OF MIDLAND PARK PLANNING BOARD PLEASE take Notice that the owner / applicant, FR 08, LLC (c/o Frasco Realty, LP), has applied to the Planning Board of the Borough of Midland Park requesting Preliminary and Final Site Plan approval, bulk / dimensional variances, and exceptions from design standards (waivers) concerning lands and premises known and designated as Lot 24.01, in Block 3, as shown on the tax assessment map of the Borough of Midland Park and commonly known as 1 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, New Jersey.

The subject premises contain an existing structure which has been used as an office building. The owner/applicant intends to continue such use, but more specifically the newly proposed use shall be for medical offices where diagnosis will occur (no surgeries or surgical procedures to be conducted), with follow up physical therapy to take place as well.

The property is located in the B-3 zone where such a use is permitted, but since the owner/applicant is proposing renovations to the existing structure, as well as some site improvements, site plan approval is necessary and being requested. As part of this application the following variances and waivers are also being requested, in order to address the nonconforming conditions:

1) Front Yard Setback As to Godwin Avenue, 15.7 feet is existing and proposed, while 25 feet is required (Schedule I - Subsection 34.2.2), variance requested; 

2) Impervious Coverage - 90.8 % existing, 88.1 % proposed, where 75 % maximum is permitted (Schedule I - Subsection 34.2.2), variance requested; 
3) Parking Spaces/Stalls - 115 parking spaces required, where 74 parking spaces are proposed (Schedule II - Subsection 34 16.2), variance requested; 
4) Minimum 5 feet offset required from paved areas to lot line, where 0 feet is existing and will remain (Section 34 -14.7.f), variance requested; 
5) Minimum 15 feet buffer adjoining residential zone required, 0 feet is existing and will remain (Section 34-15.1), variance requested; 
6) Minimum buffer area with no improvements is required where none is existing and will remain (Section 34 - 15.2), variance requested; 
7) No parking permitted in front yard or within 6 feet of side or rear lot lines, where parking is existing in front yard and 0 feet from side and rear lot lines and will remain (Section 34 - 16.2), variance requested; 
8) Minimum aisle width of 24 feet required, where 23.3 feet is existing and no change proposed (Section 32 -6.2.c. 1), waiver requested; 
9) Maximum foot candle of 1.0 at property line, where 3.5 is proposed along Godwin Avenue and 1.9 is proposed along Cottage Street (Section 32 -6.5.f), waiver requested; and if any other variances or waivers are deemed necessary at the time of the hearing, Owner/Applicant requests such approvals as well. 

PLEASE take further notice that the Planning Board will hold a public hearing on this application on Monday, October 21, 2013, to commence at 7:30 p.m. If necessary a work session will be held first, with the public hearing to follow immediately. The meeting shall take place in the upstairs meeting room of Borough Hall, located at 280 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, New Jersey. All interested persons are welcome to attend the meeting, and at the public hearing any interested person or their representative will be given an opportunity to be heard as to this application.

The file on this application is available for review Monday through Friday (except for holidays or when municipal offices are closed), from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, in the office of the Secretary of the Planning Board, which is also located in the Midland Park Borough Hall (280 Godwin Avenue). This notice is being published on behalf of the Owner/Applicant, by order of the Midland Park Planning Board, in accordance with the requirements of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law and the Open Public Meetings Act.

ERIC DAVID BECKER, ESQ. Attorney for Owner/Applicant FR 08, LLC c/o Frasco Realty, LP 253 Madison Avenue Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481 (201)560-0822 
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