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Midland Park

Poll: Do You Favor Joining Northern Highlands Regional High School?

10/15/2013 02:37PM ● By Rebecca K. Abma

Midland Park Junior-Senior High School

UPDATE Oct. 23: The results of last week's poll are in, and the majority of those who voted favor joining Northern Highlands Regional High School. Of the 354 respondents, slightly more than 50% are in favor of sending students to the regional high school, while 38% are opposed and another 11% need more information to make a decision. 

The anonymous poll represents roughly 4% of Midland Park residents, with the majority of respondents coming to the site through Facebook. While this is not a scientific poll, the statistical ranges for a 99% confidence level, based on this Sample Size Calculator, are: 
In Favor: 46% to 59% 
Opposed: 30% to 43%
Uncertain: 6% to 15% 
The poll was set up using and limited voting by cookies, meaning one vote per browser (i.e. Firefox, Safari, IE) unless a respondent cleared their "cookies". Future polls may be set up using stricter controls. 

ORIGINAL Oct. 15: The debate over whether or not to send Midland Park high school students to Northern Highlands Regional High School has continued for decades, with each side expressing the pros and cons. We want to know what you think. Here's a review of some recent articles on the topic for those who aren't familiar with the issue. Then vote in our poll, below.

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