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Editor's Notebook: Oct. 15 BOE Meeting

10/16/2013 07:46AM ● By Rebecca K. Abma
The Board of Education withdrew a proposed policy to post agenda appendices online, discussed an upcoming resolution to fund a feasibility study, and presented the District Assessment Profile at the Oct. 15 school board meeting.

Send-Receive Study

Board President Bill Sullivan announced that the board will put forth a resolution at its Nov. 19 meeting to fund a feasibility study to examine the pros and cons of entering into a send-receive agreement with Northern Highlands Regional High School The study will cost approximately $25,000 and would detail projected enrollment, comparisons of academic offerings, demographics, the impact on existing Midland Park facilities and financial aspects. The board will discuss it further at the Nov. 5 public work session.
Sullivan welcomes public input on the study and asks that residents email him at or give their opinions publicly at the next school board meeting.

Policy Withdrawn

Board Policy Chair Tim Thomas withdrew two proposed policy changes that would have granted wider public access to support materials included in Board packets that accompany the agendas. As proposed at the Sept. 17 meeting, the policy change would have required the district to post items labeled on meeting agendas as “appendix” online prior to the meeting.
“We went out to about 20 different districts and not one other district in our area has it as part of their bylaws to include that information,” Thomas said in withdrawing the proposed changes. “There are two or three districts that release some of the information, but it is not a part of their policy.”
The board did not specify if they intend to include appendix or other supplemental items when posting agendas online prior to the meetings.
The board voted unanimously to approve the other policy changes and additions, including changing the language of smoking policies to include eCigarettes.

Energy Savings Initiative Program 

School Board Administrator Stacy Garvey reported that Honeywell will present its district-wide energy audit to the board at an upcoming meeting. As part of an Energy Savings Initiative Program, Honeywell will fund $1.5 million worth of improvements in the district to be paid back over 15 years with money realized from energy cost savings.

More notes to come. Meanwhile, review the video tapes.

District Assessment Profile Presentation

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