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Midland Park

Midland-Park-O-Lantern Contest Is On!

10/20/2013 09:09AM ● By Rebecca K. Abma

Don't forget to include a piece of the Park in you pix!

**VOTING IS NOW CLOSED!** Congratulations Tryne! You are the winner!! 

Midland Park Press and Fairway Estate Garden Center are excited to announce the first-ever Midland-Park-O-Lantern contest. To enter, simply carve a pumpkin, snap a photo of it and post it in the comment section below. Then tell all your friends and family to come vote for your pumpkin. The gourd that gets the most votes by midnight on Oct. 31 will win a $50 gift card to Fairway Estate Garden Center. 

In order to keep everyone honest, the photo must contain something from Midland Park. Any piece of Midland Park will do: a Panther Pride shirt, a car magnet from a community group, a copy of the local paper, etc. — just something to prove the picture isn't poached from the internet. 

For voting, you may only vote for each pumpkin one time, however, you can vote for more than one pumpkin. Have Fun and Happy Carving!
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