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Midland Park

Ghost Stories of Midland Park

10/24/2013 10:59AM ● By Rebecca K. Abma

What's that in the window? Urban Legend states the third floor of the Crayhay Mansion in Midland Park is home to a number of ghostly visitors.

Anyone up for a good ghost story? Midland Park is said to have a number of properties where the undead roam. Here's a look at a few urban legends:

The Van Iderstine House

This Pre-Revolutionary War home on Park Avenue not only held the first church services in the area, it was also used to house prisoners of war during the Revolution. According to the book "Midland Park Through The Ages," Hessian solders were held prisoner in a small closet with a thick door in the basement of the Van Iderstine House. Legend has it that a ghost of one of the Hessian prisoners still walks in the home.

"Sounds of footsteps have been heard going up the stairs, but no sounds of returning footsteps are ever heard," the author reports of Mrs. Van Iderstine's experiences. "The ghost is a benign one, however, and other than his occasional walks, he does not disturb the residents of the house."

The Crayhay Mansion

Built is 1864, the elegant Crayhay Mansion on Franklin Avenue is said to have a number of ghostly visitors, including a cat. According to Virtual Haunt, multiple spirits haunt the house, including Max McCray, who committed suicide in the barn, Rose, a neighbor girl who died trying to climb out of her third floor bedroom window to elope with the father of her unborn child, an old lady who was murdered during a robbery and a small boy who died in an accident in the house. And then there's also the ghost of a yellow and white cat.

According to the website Strange USA, visitors at a Realtor's Open House experienced panic-attack like symptoms just before seeing an old woman on the third floor, where most of the alleged hauntings have occurred.

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