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Midland Park

Craziest Elf Contest: Share Your Photos!

11/29/2013 05:34PM ● By Rebecca K. Abma

We woke to find Ollie Abma swinging from a star. Where's your Elf been?

In homes across Midland Park, the Elf on a Shelf is making its return this weekend. This relatively new holiday tradition is fun for kids and parents alike — and is best shared in photos, so we want to see yours! To up the mom-petition, we'd like to make a contest out of it. In addition to bragging rights, the winner will also receive a beautiful oval pendant necklace from Chandel Jewelers. (See photo in the comments.) 

What is an Elf on a Shelf, you ask? The official explanation: It's a  special scout elf is sent from the North Pole to help Santa Claus manage his naughty and nice lists. Families adopt and name their elf, which then imbues it with special Christmas magic. The elf can't be touched and can't move during while the family is awake. But at night, while everyone is sleeping, the elf sometimes gets into mischief. And it's that mischief that makes it so much fun!

The contest starts NOW and runs through Christmas Day. Happy Elfing!

How To Enter

Simply snap a photo of your Elf in action and post it in the comment section below. Be sure to include a caption with the name of your Elf. Then tell all your friends and family to come vote for it. You can use our easy Social Media share tools. Participants may enter multiple photos, however votes are not cumulative. The one photo with the most votes wins. Period.

How To Vote

You will need to be signed in to vote, which you can do using Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail or LinkedIn, or creating a user account on MPK Press. You may vote for as many photos as you like, however, the system is designed to only allow you to vote once per photo.

Contest Rules

In order to keep everyone honest, the photo should contain something from Midland Park in the background. Any piece of Midland Park will do: a Panther Pride shirt, a car magnet from a community group, a copy of the local paper, a glittery paw print, etc. — just something to prove the picture isn't poached from the internet.

The photo also must be your original work. The staging idea does not need to be original, however, if you are participating in an Elf Prop Swap, please don't post someone else's work as your own. (If you'd like to get in on the Prop Swap, visit the Midland Park Moms Facebook page. You will need to ask to join the private group and be approved.)

MPK Press employees and freelance contractors are not eligible to win.

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