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Midland Park

In Review: Midland Park 2013

12/31/2013 12:32PM ● By Rebecca K. Abma
As 2013 comes to a close, Midland Park Press takes a month by month look at the most read stories. 

In our first full month of reporting on Midland Park, we introduced a regular feature of Editor's and Reporter's Notebooks to ensure the community access to public meetings. Of note, the Jan. 8 school board meeting, which was packed following the failure of the school referendum in December, and the Jan. 3 Council Reorganization meeting.  

The Editor's Notebook was still a very popular feature in February, with the Feb. 14 and Feb. 28 Council Meetings both widely read. A beginning look at the 2003 school referendum was also very popular. However the most widely read article took a look at the changing dominant ethnicities in Midland Park

A continued look into the 2003 school referendum dominated the most widely read articles on Midland Park Press in March, along with a plea from parents to support a second question on the April school budget vote to fix the leaking roofs. 

Voters passed the school budget and second question, Crestwood Lake changed its membership rules for Midland Park residents and the impact of education on home values were the most read stories for April. 

The most read story in May (and of all time on Midland Park Press) is a salute to the Men from Midland Park who died in Vietnam. Another very popular article: The high school raised more than $3,000 for Margaret Soto, a beloved bus driver who was battling cancer. 

A fundraiser for Elaine Mejury-Mazurek was the most widely read news story in June, followed by a police report of indecent exposure and the varsity softball coach resigning. There was also a lot of bear sightings in surrounding communities. 

A suspended police officer won a DWI appeal, the police blotter, the water quality report and a comparison of tax bills through the region were the most popular items on MPK Press. 

In August, the owner of Legends purchased Pete's Corner at auction, a Midland Park volunteer firefighter was injured in a car accident, and more police blotter made the popular list. 

As students returned to school, the big debate was on whether Midland Park should try to send its high school students to Northern Highlands Regional, resulting in a head spinning we-said, they-said back and forth that lasted the entire month. 

The Northern Highlands debate continued to be a hot topic, with an exclusive MPK Press poll showing more than 50% of readers favored joining the regional school. The community was shocked when a young mother in Waldwick was found strangled to death and her boyfriend, a Midland Park graduate, was arrested. But the most popular piece was our first ever Midland Park O Lantern Contest

In November, Beloved retired athletic director Sonny Santorine passed away and the Northern Highlands debate finally fizzled with with the regional school district stating they are not interested in hosting Midland Park students. There was also a series of attempted lurings in neighboring towns. 

At the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, we highlighted what one MPHS grad is doing in memory of his daughter. The Bagel Emporium finally reopened to the joy of carb lovers everywhere. And Christmas came early for Midland Park Schools, with the state awarding a $3.1 million in grants to repair the schools

What were the most memorable Midland Park moments for you in 2013? Tell us in the comments!
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