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Midland Park

Citizen Journalists, Bloggers and Photographers Wanted

01/22/2014 07:21AM ● By Rebecca K. Abma

Midland Park Borough Hall

Are you interested in local government, sports, schools, business or any other segment of the Midland Park community? Do you have a few hours a month to spare? If so, the Midland Park Press is looking for your help.

The Midland Park Press is the only online news site devoted exclusively to Midland Park, NJ. We aim to provide outstanding coverage of all aspects of life in Midland Park and the surrounding area. To continue doing that, we need your help.

And by "we" I mean me.

For a little over a year, I have devoted countless hours each week to covering public meetings, school events, businesses, community issues and more. From the beginning, my goals have been to improve online communication in the borough, work for transparency in local government and the school board, revitalize dormant community groups and create a virtual village where we can share information with one another.

I feel that much improvement has been made in all of those areas, but there is still more work to be done. And for that, I need your help.

Running Midland Park Press has been a full-time labor of love and frustration. At the same time, it has been a mostly volunteer effort on my behalf. The time has come, however, when I can no longer continue to devote full-time hours to an unpaid community service. That is where I'm asking the community to step up and assist. Many hands make light work, after all.

If anyone is interested in volunteering to help with any of the following areas, please email or call 201-615-0154 to discuss:

Sell Advertising: The community services that MPKPress provides, such as Livestream, Text Alerts and the site itself, all cost money. If you are interested in selling ads on a commission basis to keep the site running, contact us today.

Livestream Public Meetings: Midland Park Press will supply all the equipment and training. All you need to do is attend a meeting, set up the equipment and press record. If you want, you can also take notes of the meeting to share with the community, but it isn't necessary.

Investigate Issues: Every day, people ask questions about what is going on in town. Whether it is questioning where tax dollars are spent or what is going on with a particular property or project, there is no shortage of issues to investigate. If you are interested in being a Citizen Journalist and investigating what goes on behind closed doors in Midland Park, we can work through the process of researching issues step-by-step together.

Cover Local Sports: It doesn't matter if it is Rec Department, Nativity or High School games, Midland Park loves to read about local sports teams in action. Attend a game, take photos and prepare a write-up of the game, then post them directly to If your child is active in a sport and you are attending the games anyway, why not share it with the community.

Promote Local Organizations and Events: Midland Park has so many great volunteer groups, many of which do not have an online presence. Share information about organizations you are involved in or groups you are interested in knowing more about. You can also post events directly to the events calendar.

Share Your Opinions: Want to publicly thank someone for their kindness? Feel strongly about an issue in the community? Want to endorse a political candidate? Write a letter to the editor to be published on the site.

Interview Your Neighbors: Everyone has a story to tell, and Midland Park is filled with interesting people. If you know someone whose story should be told, simply ask a few questions, take a picture and write up a short piece about how awesome they are.

Take Photos: Have an eye for great images? Share them with the community! Whether action shots of community events or still life landscapes, MPKPress readers love to see photos from around town.

Post Public Notices and Announcements: Help to keep the community informed by posting Eblast notices and other public announcements to the site. Hoping to get a number of volunteers to rotate days of responsibility for posting.

Take and Share Videos: People love to watch videos! If you enjoy creating videos, why not share them with the community. While any topic will do, short videos on local businesses are especially wanted.

Manage Social Media: Data shows that most readers enter MPKPress through Facebook. Social media tools are important for helping to spread the word about events and information in town. If you are already spending time on Social media, why not share a few posts a day on MPK Press sites.  and want to post a few things a day on

Graphic Design Work: If you have graphic design skills, and would like to help develop visuals to illustrate stories or design ads, please let us know.

Again, if anyone is interested in volunteering to help with any of these areas or has ideas for other ways to volunteer, please email or call 201-615-0154 to discuss.

Thank you,
Rebecca Abma
Founding Editor

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