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Midland Park

What is the Sound of Midland Park?

01/29/2014 01:25PM ● By Rebecca K. Abma
When you think of Midland Park, what sound comes to mind? Is it a train whistle blowing at Wortendyke crossing? The fire whistle? The crack of a bat on Vander Meer Field? Children laughing on the playground? Church bells or a church choir? 

Audio Engineer Bernie Wagenblast wants to know. The New Jersey resident has set out to record the unique and distinctive sound from each of the 565 municipalities across the state. So far, he has recorded close to 100 communities for the project New Jersey 565

The challenge is not just recording a unique sound from each municipality, but avoiding what Wagenblast calls "generic" sounds. You can get bird calls or traffic noise or sports sounds, for example, almost anywhere.

What sound do you think of as "unique" from Midland Park? Tell us in the comments. 

For more on Wagenblast's project, read on: 
The Sounds of Jersey - Cranford resident recording audio clips from all 565 municipalities (via

Bernie Wagenblast is at the Warinanco Skating Center in Roselle, interviewing the ice. Or at least that’s what it looks like. The Cranford resident holds a microphone inches above the ice, listening intently to earphones plugged into his iPhone. Teens…

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