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Video: DPW Clears Snow At Park Wood Deli

02/27/2014 08:46AM ● By Rebecca K. Abma
A video of the Midland Park Department of Public Works clearing snow from the Park Wood Delicatessen prompted strong words from town officials, as reported in the Feb. 26 Villadom Times. 

The 24 second video (embedded below), was sent to Midland Park Press from a concerned resident and shows a DPW bucket loader removing snow from the sidewalk in front of the deli at the intersection of Glen Avenue and Erie Avenue/Morningside Road.  At the end of the video, the owner comes out and hands something to the driver.

"Thought the taxpayers would like to know about the DPW clearing snow from street in front of the Parkwood deli," resident Rich Casse said in an email to Midland Park Press. "Every other corner I have seen in town had the snow pushed up onto the property and I am trying to figure out why this corner is so special."

Borough Clerk/Administrator Addie Hanna told the Villadom that the deli was not getting special treatment, but rather clearing the public right of way as a matter of public safety. The hand-off at the end of the video, she asserts, was two cookies. 

Mayor Patrick "Bud" O'Hagan had strong words for the maker of the video: "Someone, perhaps Mr. Casse, has a problem with Park Wood Deli. Let that person take his or her issue to the store owner and keep our employees out of their business," he told the Villadom. "There is no evidence of corruption, payback or extortion." 

For the full story, read page 7 of the this week's Villadom Times. Watch the video below and tell us what you think! 

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Snow clearing at the deli

Snow clearing at the other corner

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