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Midland Park

Letter: Re-elect Canellas, Thomas and Triolo to the BOE

04/03/2014 10:44AM ● By Rebecca K. Abma

Dear Editor:

Our schools are the heart of our community, and the state of our schools is inextricably linked to the value of our homes. What our schools are lacking are not committed educators and board members, but money for upgrades that are sorely needed.  

Incumbent BOE members, MaryAlice Thomas, Peter Triolo and James Cannellas have worked tirelessly for years, appealing to the stakeholders in our community to work out ways to get these upgrades accomplished. They, along with the rest of the Board have managed to obtain a $3 million award from the state to offset any taxes raised to improve our school buildings.  

I pledge my vote to these hard working dedicated incumbent BOE members, along with a Yes vote to pass the school budget.  Being a Board of Education member takes tremendous dedication and is a complicated and often thankless job.  

I applaud new comer Mr. Meeks for stepping up if he feels his ideas and positions will strengthen the current BOE. It’s up to the voters to decide if they agree with his positions or not.  But, as a parent and a taxpayer, I find his unwillingness to face the voting public at the scheduled candidate’s night to be disrespectful to the voters.

Why would he not want to expound on the statements he has made on his website? Explain how you plan to “opt out” of the state mandated common core! It’s clear that his ideas and positions are the polar opposite of those of the current Board and these same statements leave me feeling that his allegiance lies more heavily with the “Midland Park Taxpayers Alliance” than it does with our children.  

I urge you to vote YES for the school budget, and to re-elect our BOE incumbents, Dr. Thomas, Mr. Triolo and Mr. Cannellas.

Noreen Desbiens

Midland Park

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