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Midland Park

Letter: BOE Incumbents' Dedication Serve Community Well

04/14/2014 01:52PM ● By Rebecca K. Abma
Dear Editor:

Midland Park is fortunate that James Canellas, Dr. Maryalice Thomas, and Peter Triolo are willing to continue to volunteer their time to serve this community on the Board of Education.  They have displayed that they are aware that the Board of Education trustee’s role is to balance the needs of the Midland Park residents with providing the best learning experience for our students. We will benefit from the continuity that they provide, as well as the knowledge, that they have gained during their years of service, on the challenges that we face and that need to be addressed.

I first had the pleasure of working with James & Maryalice as volunteers, several years ago, on the community wide Strategic Plan for the school district. They displayed their commitment to our educational system and volunteerism.

James’s, Maryalice’s, and Peter’s involvement as volunteers in other community organizations, further underscores their dedication to service. Their involvement, in other community organizations, also provides them with a broader base in their decision making process for the Board of Education.

The Board of Education consists of nine (9) trustees, to provide diverse perspectives during the discussions and votes. The Canellas, Thomas, and Triolo ticket provides many facets of diversity, with one candidate fully aware of Midland Park’s history, having been raised here and returning to raise her family here. The other two provide the perspectives that they have been exposed to in other communities and transplanting them here. Their employment positions also provide diverse perspectives with one working in another school district, and the other two (2) involved in the business/corporate world. The range in age of their children also provides a means for varying insights.

I believe if you look at their records, the voters will agree, that Canellas, Thomas, and Triolo will continue to serve Midland Park well.

Raymond Moraski
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